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Growing up, I was incredibly lucky to have a grandmother who lived on a farm. It was a working farm and I knew that difficult labor was required when something needed to be accomplished. The farmhouse was a place of comfort, warmth and self-discovery for me. I could be myself knowing that there was no one judging me. There were no expectations. I was listened to. I was encouraged to explore my world. I was supported when I had a difficult task ahead of me. I was treated with respect. I was appreciated for my differences. 

What I experienced at the Farmhouse is what I offer you as a counselor. I am here to listen, to assist with the hard work that sometimes comes along with counseling, to be an empathetic presence, and to express an appreciation of your life, your world and your choices. Come as you are. Be yourself.

I believe counseling can be beneficial to any and everyone. Regardless of the reason you attend counseling, it can be frightening to divulge your innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs to a stranger. I am flattered that you chose to share those personal feelings and values with me and I honor your courage by always remaining present during our session with an open heart and mind. Your time with me is just that, yours. We will discuss what you want to discuss and discover solutions that you feel as though will work for your life.

Professional affiliations: American Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association, Idaho Counseling Association, Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association (2009-2010 Student Representative, 2010-2011 Public Awareness Chair), Chi Sigma Iota (Counseling Honor Society)
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Special interests:
Individual, group, and family counseling
Adolescent boys with behavior problems
Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Caretakers who assist ill or disabled individuals
Career counseling

Substance abuse
LGBTQ community
Grief and loss
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